62 Days Until Mid Term Elections

According to the political pundits, these are the ten Senate races to watch as we monitor whether the Republicans will maintain their majority or if the Democrats will edge over the line.

If you are in one of these target states, it is imperative that you work to increase voter turnout! Click on the names to view the candidates campaign sites and consider donating to help them become successful on November 6.







North Dakota



West Virginia

LaKesha Womack
63 Days Until Mid Term Elections

And so it begins...

In the political world, real campaigning doesn't begin until after Labor Day. We know that prior to Labor Day most of the country is winding down from summer vacation, preparing for back to school and otherwise adjusting to the anticipation of cooler temperatures. Once we have had our fill of BBQ, we are ready to stomp the yard, beat the hedges and travel the by-ways to get out the vote.

And so it begins...

We hope that you are ready to join a get out the vote campaign. No matter what issue is most important to you, we need your voice to amplify the message - EVERY VOTE MATTERS!

LaKesha Womack
65 Days Until Mid Term Elections

What’s at stake in 2018? 

September 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET: To kick off the National Council of Church’s Community Engagement webinar series, Rev. Aundreia Alexander, Associate General Secretary of the NCC, will join LaKeshaWomack for a conversation on what’s at stake during the 2018 midterm Elections. Understanding the critical issues to be considered during the upcoming election will help to frame our conversations with voters and to encourage them to cast ballots.

LaKesha Womack has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Vanderbilt University, is a graduate of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University, is an Organizing for Action Community Engagement Fellow, and has worked on numerous campaigns across the country. She is also the author of nine books including #CommonSense Campaigning and UnLynched: An Economic Empowerment Doctrine for African Americans. Currently, LaKesha works as a Consultant with Womack Consulting Group.

LaKesha Womack
66 Days Until Mid Term Elections

We want to hear from you!

As we are working to build our resources page and to develop training materials to help you get out the vote, we want to know what your needs are.

What are some of the issues that you have encountered while registering and encouraging people to vote?

Share your questions and we may be able to provide the resources that you need or point you in the right direction to find them. Remember: we are all in this together!

LaKesha WomackComment
67 Days Until Mid Term Elections

Do you realize how valuable your vote is?

Most people do not try to take from someone else something that has no value. As courts around the country are ruling on the legitimacy of voter identification laws and districts that have been redrawn to favor one political party over another, it is evident that politicians will go to great lengths to hoard votes. These measures are not taken arbitrarily. They are taken because every single vote is valuable. 

Your vote not only represents your voice in how your tax dollars will be spent but it also signifies your support of a direction for the country. No candidate is perfect. No political party is perfect. Just like our churches, they are comprised of imperfect humans. Do not seek the perfect candidate or the perfect party. Seek the candidates who have your community's best intention at heart and who are willing to work toward making our world a better place. Your vote holds them accountable to being who they said they would be and doing what they say they will do.

Your vote is your voice. Your voice is valuable and needed in every election.

LaKesha Womack
68 Days Until Mid Term Elections

As a Christian, it can become exhausting to always have to take the high road. It feels as though we are constantly called to be the better person, to turn the other cheek, to let things pass... It gets exhausting because sometimes you want to give it back the same way it was given to you.

The rhetoric during this political season will intensify as we get closer to the Mid Term Election date. There are people who are willing to do and say anything to retain their power. Despite what others say and do, we have to remember that above all political labels, we are children of God. Our work in the political arena is representative of our witness to Christ. 

Our goal is to educate and engage voters with the political process. We will have to exercise patience with some who will not immediately see the importance of voting. We will have to exercise verbal restraint with others who may disagree with our positions. We will even have to exercise diligence with those who may require more than one conversation to convince how important their vote is. This election season may call upon the activation of all of your Christian characteristics and there is a possibility that we will not achieve our desired results.

On November 7th, we will still be Christians so let us not put Christ aside to win an election.

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?
— Matthew 16:26
LaKesha Womack
69 Days Until Mid Term Elections

After the primaries... what's next?

As many of your desired candidates are winning their primary elections, the excitement about their potential for victory in November grows with each day.

However... yes, there is a however... winning a general election can be a much steeper climb than winning a primary election. Depending on the importance of the seat, the opposition party may decide to invest resources (volunteers and finances) to defeat your candidate. Unless your candidate is uncontested in the general, they will need to multiply their efforts by at least ten to be successful in a general election.

To help your chosen candidate(s) prepare for victory in November, you can:

  • Donate. Candidates need money to travel, by campaign materials, and run ads. No amount is too small. Most candidates will be grateful to receive any amount.
  • Volunteer. Your time can be just as valuable to a campaign as your dollars. Candidates need help with making phone calls, distributing literature, helping at events, and hosting fundraisers.
  • Connect. Invite your candidate to events where they will be able to meet large groups of people who are not familiar with their platform. Don't be disappointed if they aren't able to attend but extend the invitations. Most candidates prefer to attend events in areas where they have not recently attended an event, areas where they may not have performed well during the primaries, and events with a structured program because they are likely attending many events each day and don't want to be waiting around. Campaigning for a general election is not the time to preach to the choir. It is the time to try to sway the undecided. 
  • Promote. Help your candidate by promoting their platform. Help to share their message and not just their picture. Help people to understand what your candidate wants to do in their office and what impact it will have in your community. People want to know what is in it for them.
LaKesha Womack
70 Days Until Mid Term Elections

(From the Black Church Center for Equality and Justice)

Dear Colleagues and Partners,
The political theatrics of Washington continue to threaten the future of democracy and the moral fabric of American society. The Right currently enjoys a political monopoly on all three branches of government—Executive, Legislative and Judicial. September offers us a short window to influence the US Supreme Court and expand access to food. In a sermon delivered in the summer of 1967, Dr. King averred, “The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, and never its tool. If the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.” As Black Churches, we are the moral conscience of America, and the current political moment summons us to cast a moral vision that affirms our belief in the possibility of achieving Beloved Community in the US.
Join us for a 90-minute online town hall, The Black Church Agenda, on August 28, 2018, at 6:30 PM EST.  The town hall aims to offer a state of play for the confirmation Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice and the 2018 Farm Bill, which authorizes Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Judge Kavanaugh represents an insidious threat to voting rights, affirmative action, women's rights and healthcare. The proposed Farm Bill threatens to expand this nation's food apartheid by restricting access to food stamps. We can stop Congress on both issues. In this interactive experience, we will hear from experts poised to detail ways Black persons of faith and congregations can mobilize to stop the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh and protect food stamps for 42 million Americans. Please share this “Save the Date” with your network as we prepare to demand what is best for the disinherited and vulnerable in our society.
In hope and struggle,
The BCC Team

LaKesha Womack
71 Days Until Mid Term Elections

Your vote is your voice.

In a world where we often feel like no one hears us, it can be tempting to think that we don't have a voice, especially in politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a member of the United States of America's democracy, each citizen over the age of 18 whose voting privileges have not been revoked, has the right to cast a vote for their elected representatives. 

You may only have one vote but that one vote combined with other like-minded individuals is what helps to produce the progress that we seek in our government. When you abstain from voting, you abstain from voicing your opinion about the direction of your local, state, and federal government.

Even if you never post a political comment on social media, never watch an hour of the news, or engage in one political debate; your vote and voice is just as valid as the people who are posting, watching and otherwise absorbed in politics daily. 

Let your voice be heard and make plans to vote on November 6th. Now is not the time to be silent. Use your voice to let your elected officials know which direction you think our government should be headed.

LaKesha Womack