55 Days Until Mid Term Elections

Understanding the issues will help you to determine which candidates to support.

As leaders in the African-American faith community have begun to dialogue about what is at stake during the upcoming election, the following issues have been identified. These can be great talking points when you are engaging with voters. Do some research to see where your community and elected officials stand on these issues.

  1. Housing - to establish a right to quality, affordable housing

  2. Education - to ensure everyone has access to a high quality education

  3. Health - to promote equal access to healthcare, eliminate racial disparities

  4. Environmental/Climate - to preserve the environment through renewable energy and the expansion of green jobs

  5. Criminal Justice - to end the criminalization of people of color through sentencing reform, eliminating private prisons, ending cash bail, community policing

  6. Economic Justice - to establish a living, fair wage and a guaranteed annual income

  7. Voting Rights - to protect and expand the right to vote 

  8. Courts - ensuring there is fair representation in judicial appointments and elections

You can also utilize the Organizing Toolkit developed by The People’s Consortium for Human and Civil Rights to organize your community for social justice and plan events such as letter writing campaigns, writing op-ed, and making visits to your elected official’s offices.

LaKesha Womack