67 Days Until Mid Term Elections

Do you realize how valuable your vote is?

Most people do not try to take from someone else something that has no value. As courts around the country are ruling on the legitimacy of voter identification laws and districts that have been redrawn to favor one political party over another, it is evident that politicians will go to great lengths to hoard votes. These measures are not taken arbitrarily. They are taken because every single vote is valuable. 

Your vote not only represents your voice in how your tax dollars will be spent but it also signifies your support of a direction for the country. No candidate is perfect. No political party is perfect. Just like our churches, they are comprised of imperfect humans. Do not seek the perfect candidate or the perfect party. Seek the candidates who have your community's best intention at heart and who are willing to work toward making our world a better place. Your vote holds them accountable to being who they said they would be and doing what they say they will do.

Your vote is your voice. Your voice is valuable and needed in every election.

LaKesha Womack