68 Days Until Mid Term Elections

As a Christian, it can become exhausting to always have to take the high road. It feels as though we are constantly called to be the better person, to turn the other cheek, to let things pass... It gets exhausting because sometimes you want to give it back the same way it was given to you.

The rhetoric during this political season will intensify as we get closer to the Mid Term Election date. There are people who are willing to do and say anything to retain their power. Despite what others say and do, we have to remember that above all political labels, we are children of God. Our work in the political arena is representative of our witness to Christ. 

Our goal is to educate and engage voters with the political process. We will have to exercise patience with some who will not immediately see the importance of voting. We will have to exercise verbal restraint with others who may disagree with our positions. We will even have to exercise diligence with those who may require more than one conversation to convince how important their vote is. This election season may call upon the activation of all of your Christian characteristics and there is a possibility that we will not achieve our desired results.

On November 7th, we will still be Christians so let us not put Christ aside to win an election.

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?
— Matthew 16:26
LaKesha Womack