69 Days Until Mid Term Elections

After the primaries... what's next?

As many of your desired candidates are winning their primary elections, the excitement about their potential for victory in November grows with each day.

However... yes, there is a however... winning a general election can be a much steeper climb than winning a primary election. Depending on the importance of the seat, the opposition party may decide to invest resources (volunteers and finances) to defeat your candidate. Unless your candidate is uncontested in the general, they will need to multiply their efforts by at least ten to be successful in a general election.

To help your chosen candidate(s) prepare for victory in November, you can:

  • Donate. Candidates need money to travel, by campaign materials, and run ads. No amount is too small. Most candidates will be grateful to receive any amount.
  • Volunteer. Your time can be just as valuable to a campaign as your dollars. Candidates need help with making phone calls, distributing literature, helping at events, and hosting fundraisers.
  • Connect. Invite your candidate to events where they will be able to meet large groups of people who are not familiar with their platform. Don't be disappointed if they aren't able to attend but extend the invitations. Most candidates prefer to attend events in areas where they have not recently attended an event, areas where they may not have performed well during the primaries, and events with a structured program because they are likely attending many events each day and don't want to be waiting around. Campaigning for a general election is not the time to preach to the choir. It is the time to try to sway the undecided. 
  • Promote. Help your candidate by promoting their platform. Help to share their message and not just their picture. Help people to understand what your candidate wants to do in their office and what impact it will have in your community. People want to know what is in it for them.
LaKesha Womack