74 Days Until Mid Term Elections

When on the campaign trail, it is easy for candidates to promise us the world. Someone on their staff has told them about the demographics of the audience that they will be speaking to and they tailor their message to excite that audience. They want your support ($$) and your vote.

Just as Christians must be cautious of false prophets telling us what we want to hear, we also must show the same diligence when listening to political candidates. The reality is that most politicians can not CHANGE politics in America. The system is too massive and too complex. However, they are able to advocate for issues that will have either a positive or negative impact on our communities.

What are some things that you should listen for:

  • Are the candidate's policy positions in the best interest of my community? Candidates who serve a high income area will more than likely have different policy positions than a candidate seeking to serve a low to moderate income community. You want to be sure that your chosen candidate is representing your community. The goal is to have a representative from all the interests at the table working toward a compromise.
  • Would the candidate be able to impact the policies that they are talking about? Some issues are local while others are state and federal. It is important to ensure that the issues the candidate is speaking about aligns with the position they are running for.
  • What is the candidate's background? Not every candidate will have political experience but you want to be sure that their background will be a good fit for the position that they are seeking. For example, if the position requires helping to maintain a million dollar budget but the candidate does not have any experience with managing budgets; you may want to ask them about that. Don't discount a person because you don't see the information on their resume. Ask questions to gain a better understanding. Don't be afraid to ask how they would deal with different situations, especially if they don't have a background in that area.
  • What is their reputation? How a person does a small thing will be how they do a great thing. If the candidate has a history of throwing temper tantrums, talking down to staff members or misusing funds; they are not going to change once they are in a new office. Ask around to get an idea of the person's character. Don't rely on campaign ads and three minute speeches to make your decision.
LaKesha Womack