75 Days Until Mid Term Elections

It's time to start planning your campaign events!

I know most of us are in back to school mode, getting ready for Labor Day and emotionally preparing for the music fest that shall be a weekend long tribute to the Queen of Soul... however, in the midst of all of our celebrating, we also need to start thinking about the campaign events that we will be hosting in September and October. 

These events can serve one or several purposes:

  1. Register and check voter registration
  2. Get to know candidates and gain a greater understanding of ballot measures
  3. To discuss issues that your community wants to address with elected officials

We will be sharing more information about how to plan and host these events in the coming weeks but for now, think of what type of event would best serve your community and who might be good community partners to work with on the event(s). Your event's purpose will help to determine who should be invited as participants and who might be interested in attending. Hosting a series of events leading up to Election Day is a great option because it creates continual excitement and action. 

If you have questions about hosting a campaign event, use the comment section and we will attempt to provide information for you.

LaKesha WomackComment