77 Days Until Mid Term Elections

Voting for elected officials is often an exercise in popularity or name recognition. We look at the list of the names and try to recall some familiar information about that person or simply vote for the candidates that are members of our preferred political party. #ZionVotes is a nonpartisan initiative and we encourage you to look at the platforms of the candidates on both sides to find persons who support policies that will benefit our communities. That requires more than watching television ads and reading campaign materials that you may receive by email or postal mail. Often the candidates who can afford to develop such advertising have larger budgets than their competitors. This does not always mean they are the best candidate.

So, what do you do?

Rely on local organizations to help you decide? Well, they often have their own agendas.

Ask a friend? Depends on who the friend is.

Look them up on social media? One word - Russia.

My advice... Check out Ballotpedia. It is an online, nonpartisan platform that aggregates information about candidates on the upcoming ballots. This is not your one stop shop but you can create a sample ballot to help kick off your research. It not only includes links to candidate profiles but also explanations of the state measures that will be on the ballot. 

LaKesha Womack