80 Days Until Mid Term Elections

What's at stake?

We often hear people say that this is possibly one of the most important elections of our lifetime and in many instances, it is.

Of the many things at stake are:

  • The state of funding for our educational systems
  • Housing for low and moderate income families
  • Judicial appointments at all levels
  • Environmental protection regulations
  • The future of social security benefits
  • An increase in the diversity of representation
  • Protection of voting rights for all citizens
  • Fair treatment for immigrants seeking asylum

The list goes on and on but these are just a few of the issues that you can discuss with people when they ask why they should care and why they should vote on November 6, 2018. The pressing issue may be different for different people but we have to help them connect with THEIR issue so that they can get excited about doing whatever it takes to vote this year.


LaKesha Womack